You Are Not Complete, And Here's Why


“You complete me”, used to be a popular admission until one day it wasn’t. In an effort to plant the independent flag, men and women today have a visceral reaction to the notion that anyone would complete them. I understand because that’s exactly how I felt when a spiritual leader looked me square in the eye a few years ago and asked…

“Where is your husband?”

I responded, without even thinking, that I didn’t have one “yet”. To which he said quite assuredly that I was not complete. Well, I almost lost it in the House of the Lord. I walk out noticeably miffed, scoffing at the idea but then it settled in a bit and I began to understand the truth behind it.

Most Powerhouse women hate the idea that they cannot be everything all on their own. But get this – you may be whole but that does not mean you are complete. You may be the finest loaf of bread in the world, but if your goal in life is to be a sandwich – you are in need of some ingredients. Being “complete” means you have reached the ultimate point you’re aiming for. Being incomplete doesn’t mean you’re unhappy and discontent, but that you are still on a path leading somewhere you want to someday reach. When it comes to relationships you absolutely should be a whole person. You should have an understanding of who you are, what you want and where you are going. But there is a vital and significant difference between that and convincing yourself that you are all you you will ever need.

No one can make you whole but it’s ok to need others to complete the vision you have for your life.