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Find the LOVE You Want or Improve the Love You Have…

Relationships can be so frustrating especially if you have NO IDEA how or why they work. What do men want? What keeps a woman happy? What is the point of marriage today? Will I ever fall in LOVE? Do they really LOVE me? Many set out to answer the questions of the heart through trial and error which often leads to one heartbreak and headache after another but what if it didn’t have to be this way?

Today smart and successful women like you are rising through the ranks of corporations, creating impact in the community and yet crying themselves to sleep as they pray for a partner. Great guys who did everything society told him was needed to be a man is finding it harder and harder to come across the kind of woman he wants to take home to Mother. Not because great women aren’t around but because when it comes to relationships today, his Daddy nor society prepared him to partner with a woman who wouldn’t need him for his paycheck. This is leaving Powerhouse women and the men who love them reeling from shame cause they were supposed to be married by now. Embarrassed that there is no plus one to take, but on the outside always on the defensive trying to convince the world they are single by choice, yet deep inside they wish they weren’t. Good news is there isn’t ANYTHING wrong with you? It’s just that you have learned how to do everything except LOVE and be LOVED, until NOW.

I created Lover in Training (L.I.T) to teach you how to finally learn how to have a successful relationship in the 21st Century. It starts by looking inside of you. To attract or bring out the best in a partner, you need to be the best most irresistible version of yourself. Doing so will allow you to determine what it is you REALLY want and need from a relationship.

Inside of L.IT, you will learn proven skills and tools that lay a solid foundation for the most successful relationships and how you can apply them to your own. Get L.I.T. Now!!

It starts by looking inside of you. To attract or bring out the best in a partner, you need to be the best most irresistible version of yourself.

Why Am I so sure

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Here’s How L.I.T. Works

Every Month Virtually

  • LOVEINAR: You will get a powerful LOVEinar in this masterclass I will teach you a foundation aspect of love and great relationships and practical powerful skills to put in place in order to enhance your relationships.

  • Q&A: Join me on the virtual Love Seat and get access to me for perspective on a dating/relationship question. I will help you see it from a lens you have never considered before that will allow you to take your relationship to the next level or begin again more intelligently.

  • You will get access to the powerful community of LOVERS who are in L.I.T. for support as we all journey forward in creating LOVE legacies that we can be proud of.

  • Bonuses: Occasionally you will get to hear from guest experts or receive curated content on various topics that will also support you in strengthening your relationships.



What would your relationship look like….

if you spent a fraction of the time and money preparing for love and amazing relationships as you spent learning how to read and preparing for collegiate and corporate success?  Imagine the fulfillment you will have and the frustration you will eliminate if you knew how to get and give the love you deserve and desire. Imagine attracting in a partner who you want instead of having to settle for the one who wants you. Imagine how much joy it will bring to not have to downplay your accomplishments and how incredible you are because your partner celebrates and champions your dreams too. Imagine waking up knowing you have someone to share your life with, without the fear that you will lose them or run them away because you don’t really know how to keep a relationship together. It can all be that simple to learn how to learn and relationships skills that set you up to win in your relationships. Lover in Training (L.I.T.) is for you are ready for

  • Empowered Love

  • Winning Relationship Skills

  • Unwavering Worthiness

  • Connecting Communication Skills


It works…

Understanding the mindset that hinder us from finding a suitable mate has positively changed my whole outlook on dating. A few short months later I actually met a guy, I couldn't wait to tell you the news! I felt like I had successfully conquered "The War on LOVE." Thanks for all you do! ~Dr. Z (Recently Married)

"I gained knowledge that will absolutely help me navigate this relationship journey more authentically, effectively and lovingly!! You are truly THE Love Engineer for a reason!! ~E. Higgins (Engaged)

"My energy is turned on and the men are attracting like a magnet." J. Olivia (Single)

According to LMFT Rena Pollack, if you are not having the kind of relationships you want, it may be because you may have had lousy teachers, a poor lesson plan, or come to the wrong conclusions about the meanings of the lessons. I agree with her. Getting a date is one thing, but being able to date differently is another. Believing that you are worthy is one thing, knowing your worth is another. Falling in love is one thing, staying in love is an entirely different thing. So much of what is taught is about getting someone. It’s about tips and tricks to get a ring or get someone to say yes, but after that people have no skills on how to keep the relationship satisfying. It’s why so many are ending up miserably married after a few short years. Inside of L.I.T you will develop skills so that LOVE is your lifestyle vs. an action you take to get someone. Yet it requires you to shift your focus, mindset, attitude and approach to LOVE.

You are the answer to someone’s prayers, and L.I.T ensures that when your partner shows up you are prepared to make the relationship last. Join L.I.T now so your relationships can shine.