3 Reasons You Should Go On a VIRTUAL DATE 🍷📱

In the days of reclaiming my time, technology has changed the way we do everything from paying bills, finding restaurants, applying make up and taking care of our hair. In fact, technology has even help us creatively answer the age old question “where are all the good men?” Hint, in that travel group you spend hours scrolling in. With online dating on the rise and new apps popping up every day to help us find the one, there is a new frustration in full bloom! How do I get a guy to ask me out on a date?" Well, what if you don’t have to GO OUT to date? That’s right, why not let your first date be a virtual one? Hear me out, there are pros and cons to everything but here are 3 reasons you should consider 'going out’ on your smartphone.


Let’s face it, even the most mundane people these days are busy with a capital B. So finding time where both people’s calendars sync us is like finding a four leaf clover. Even though the idea of connecting with someone new is enticing, it’s hard to forego that known Happy Hour that will bring you pleasure for potential. Besides you don’t have a lot invested yet and don’t really want to start blowing things off for someone who you are not really sure you like…like that! Between work schedules, standing brunch and intermittent yoga classes there never seems to be a good time align with his fantasy football leagues, business meetings and evening plans. So rather than keep putting a first date off, a virtual date is less cumbersome to schedule. When you take out the part of needing to be at the SAME PLACE at the SAME TIME it is so much easier to find a window in your busy life to get to know someone. You can been in California and he can be in Colorado and it can still work. Just be sure to double check the timezones though!! Facetime, Skype or Zoom are just a few of the platforms that can host your virtual date with ease.

It’s all so Chill CHILE

Since Virtual Dates are newish there are few preconceived expectations about how one is “supposed to go”. The most anxiety is about whether or not the signal is good and will hold, so triple check that. No worries for real, because, if you must default to the good ole’ regular phone call, well you are still winning and talking. Now you still may want to make sure your face is beat but you show up to this date with your bare feet. There are so many things you can start the conversation off with that won’t run you into discussion dead-end. You can ask where is your virtual date, what do they like about the place they chose etc. It’s also a perfect time to discuss what is your favorite thing to do on non-virtual dates. Yet, if it still feels a little hard you can find creative ways to spark discussions with games such as the provocative conversation starter “The War On Love Game” created by ‘The Love Engineer’ (Warning: Take out the sex specific questions unless you want to take it there early). One round opens up endless topics you and your virtual date can explore. There is also something disarming and easy about virtual dates. You can see facial expressions, pick up on body language and all that jazz, while building anticipation for future in person dates. Not to mention the joy of doing something new for a first date!!


Your personality can really shine through and his won’t be overshadowed by you either being overly impressed or disappointed in the atmosphere. You can go on your virtual date at your counter top, on your couch or at the beach (again just check the signal strength). Many dates start going bad the moment the date begins because it not what was expected. Think about it, if the point of the date is to talk and get to know each other, what a better way to do that than in the comfort of an environment you choose. It’s easy and no one will feel like they are just being taken advantage of for free entertainment. There are Men, who are spending 1000’s of dollars a year on 1st date lattes and steak dinners alike, only to sit across from a person they are never going to see again. Similarly, there are women spending 1000’s of dollars on clothes, beauty regimens and countless girlfriends hours prepping for dates with a man she will never see again. If the virtual date doesn’t go well nothing has been lost and the feeling of “wasting time or wasting money” is virtually non-existent. You were more than likely going to be scrolling online ANYWAY! When it’s over there is no awkward wondering about if he will go in for a kiss or once the check comes who pays and is sex expected. You can end the date, say goodnight and if it went well, have plans to meet in person soon.

Would you go on a virtual date? Tell us why or why not in the comments!