Annual Lover In Training (L.I.T) - (Best Value Offer)


Annual Lover In Training (L.I.T) - (Best Value Offer)

1,000.00 every 12 months

L.I.T. is a transformational community for Powerhouse Women and the Men that Love Us. It’s the leading co-ed community designed to FINALLY teach us how to PROPERLY LOVE and BUILD AMAZING RELATIONSHIPS. Members get provocative, insightful and PRACTICAL tools needed to be healthy, happy and in LOVE. In the 21st Century it can be challenging to say the least, because most people learn how to love though trial and error, media, music or observing role models, which is a hard way to learn ANYTHING. It doesn’t have to be HARDWORK when you have expert insights, foundational relationship instruction that can help shine a loving light as you do the HEARTWORK. Join us and be a part of the ROLE MODELS OF LOVE!

The L.I.T. Mission is to ELIMINATE THE NEED for DIVORCE and invigorate the world through LOVE and lessons!


Monthly Masterclass

Monthly LoveSeat Segment (Q&A)

Additional Bonus Guest Experts

Access to The Love Engineer (inside group)


Community of L.I.T Lovers to support you on your LOVE journey