BE THE ONE - Love Development Program


BE THE ONE - Love Development Program


Be The One is a transformative 8- week experience, for smart, successful and on the go women who have it all, the career, the girls, the trips, the house and all the other stuff.  Yet it’s a fight to keep looking like you have it all, when deep down the one thing you really want, you can’t figure out how to get or keep - A GREAT MAN who is on your LEVEL. 

If you are tired of wondering where are all the Good MEN or What is wrong with me, this is for you!! What you will learn inside “Be The One” will leave you confident in your ability to have the relationship you deserve and desire. You will learn to be unconditionally worthy and fearless to the core.

This signature blueprint is designed to help you discover the most irresistible parts of you and gives you permission to unapologetically embrace them at all times. No longer will you feel like you are not good enough, invisible or flawed beyond redemption. The heart of the program is RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT, when complete you not only know that a great relationship is possible you know it’s inevitable. Being able to confidently attract the perfect partner for you who is relationship ready is the least you will get from this experience. Knowing that you are the ONE and have tools necessary to build the incredible life you LOVE on every level, puts you back in control of your dating destiny and so much more!!

Key Focus Areas of the ‘Be The One’ Blueprint:

  • 5 pillars of Amazing relationships

  • Understanding the Soul & Science of LOVE

  • Communicating for Connection 101

  • Eliminating Love Limiters and Relationship blocks

  • Ability to attract in the perfect partner just by being YOURSELF

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