"The desire to love is natural.
The practices of love are learned."


Hi, I am Alex Merritt, affectionately known as 'The Love Engineer.   I’m so glad you stopped in.  First off, I must tell you that I see the world differently. What started out as a desire to satisfy my own curiosity about how and why relationships work or fail, has now become an incredible platform of purpose with an audacious mission to strengthen gender relations.

Over the last 10 years I have helped hundreds of men and women around the globe overcome limiting relationships beliefs and improve their love lives.  I have taken my mechanical engineering background and used it to apply the scientific method to matters of the Heart.  As a result I have uncovered patterns, ‘formulas’ and failure modes in relationships, which many experience, yet very few have any idea as to why.  This unfortunately sets them up to fight the same fight or repeatedly make the same dating mistakes. Through both formal and observational research I have worked to uncover the cause and effect of some of the most common challenges in relationships and surprisingly traced it back to gender dynamics, not marital status.  Which explains why, whether married or single, men and women struggle to successfully work through differences in communication styles and have difficulty sharing their relationship expectations. These gaps in understanding lead to frustration, lots of misunderstandings, and causes many to give up on LOVE.  I have been there and I know exactly how that feels, but I was convinced that it didn’t have to be that way.  So I did what engineers do best – solve problems.


"I'm not looking for someone to make me happy - that's an inside job."

- The Love Engineer

As a result I have created live events, relationship games and Love Development programs that are all designed to be fun and engaging ways to help men and women learn how to break down barriers and build amazing relationships, one discussion at a time.  Many people believe relationships are so hard but the reality is,  ANYTHING you have not been taught how to do is HARD.  Imagine the difficulty you’d have reading this, if you had learned the alphabet through trial and error.  Yet for most that is exactly how they learned what to do in relationships.  So if you are ready to put an end to dead end dating or become more relationship ready you are in the right place.   I look forward to helping you create the relationship you deserve and desire.  So be sure to reach out I’d love to hear how I can serve you in LOVE!


Much Love,



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